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Is there something in your past that prevents you from becoming who you want to be? Does this 'something' keep you from the job you want …or a place you want to go? If you can't get to where you want (or wish or dream to be) from where you are now, how is anything going to be different for you and your loved ones if you don't make some changes now? Let’s explore a Canadian Record Suspension.

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Good News from Impact Pardons Plus

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In Response to Mandatory Fingerprinting

The launch of the RCMP mandatory fingerprint program for federal contracts hit with a flurry on 1 February 2017. The initial rush stressed the system and exposed ‘soft-spots’ in procedures that were soon adjusted to the work flow. The ship is now righted and those needing fingerprints digitally submitted to the RCMP to apply for a record suspension can call us at 343-333-1778 and we’ll set up a time that fits best with your work schedule, not ours.

It is not out of the norm for me to start work at 7 am. I’m often writing these updates at 4:30 am because there may not be time after I get to work. IPP appreciates your fingerprint business.

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Steps to Apply for a Pardon Yourself

Application Guide for Record Suspension (Pardon)

Want to apply for your own pardon?

From Impact Pardons Plus (IPP), here are some helpful tips regarding court records that may help avoid a disappointing outcome when completing a pardon (now referred to as a record suspension) application yourself.

Forms you will Need

You will need to print out a Parole Board of Canada (PBC) Record Suspension Application Guide and forms. Go to their site (, scroll down and select ‘Record Suspensions’. Navigate to the right side and click on “Official PBC Application Guide and forms”. Bookmark the site, as you will need to print out forms as you need them. Read the guide to learn what a record suspension is and what it will do for you.

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Mandatory fingerprints on the way

mandatory digital fingerprinting for security clearance

You own a company. Your company bids on government contracts and you win some. In the past, to get your people on-site and working, you or your admin staff made sure everyone got a name-based CPIC. A few of your employees over the years had to get fingerprinted to get cleared to work the project.

Well, to quote Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”

Notice was received in May 2016 stating the CPIC will be retired and be replaced with a fingerprint-based ‘Criminal Record Verification’ (CRV). The results of CRV search produces a Certified Criminal Record (CCR) and a clear CCR (I love that acronym) will get your crew the Reliability Status clearance needed to work on government projects. The government notice in the link below indicates the change is slated to kick in as of October, 2016.

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The New Office

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I have the good fortune of being a member of the Kingston Connections Networking Group and because of that, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know some of Kingston’s best business people.

After completing the move to our new office, I contacted The Real Image for photos. The Real Image is Stage Bryant and Natalie Graham who specialize in real estate photography and operate in Kingston and the surrounding area. Visit their website, The Real Image Kingston, which features a great portfolio of their work.

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Give Them a Chance

Give a gift to a loved one that keeps giving. Since 1970, 400,000+ Canadians have received pardons; 96% of which are still valid.

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