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You’re doing everything right…the first step was to get digital fingerprints sent to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and after waiting 12 to 16 weeks, you received your criminal certificate. Then you went after court records.

While waiting for your court records, Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) suggests you start drafting/outlining your thoughts for the Measurable Benefits/Sustained Rehabilitation Form (MB/SR). The MB/SR form is the only opportunity for the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) to really get a ‘read’ on why bad things happened and what changes you have made so they won’t happen again. (What used to be a 2 syllable, single page ‘letter’ for a pardon, grew to a 16 syllable, 3 page marathon for a record suspension. But don’t worry, IPP will help you navigate those waters.) Once your court records come back, the next step is to request the Local Police Records Check (LPRC).

Some weeks later, - maybe 1, 2 or 5 or 8… depending on the police agency - the LPRC arrives and on the bottom third of the second page, there is a charge of Break and Enter (B&E) noted that is not mentioned in your previously acquired court documentation. What needs to be done now should be done immediately (well, that day for sure) as the police document – the LPRC – only has a ‘life’ of 12 months.

Copies of all records go back to the court…criminal record, court record(s), and the LPRC with the additional charge of B&E highlighted. A covering letter to the court should also be included just to be sure they know what needs to be addressed. This is very important as a different court clerk may have to look into the matter.
Why send court records back to the court, you ask? Don’t they have their own copies? That’s true, but their original copy may be in transit back to storage or the warehouse where their records are actually kept. Waiting for your records to get back to the warehouse, then filed so they can finally be found again, my burn up as much as a month or two or more. Remember, you are on an ever shrinking timeline. Your LPRC, each day, is getting older and closer to timing out. Give the court everything so they can search now.

If there is a record, it may have been misfiled and the court will take corrective action based on the information contained in the LPRC. If no further record can be found by the court, the court will write a letter so stating and that letter will be included with your application. IPP goes one step further by contacting the police agency and requesting any notes, records or reports that may be helpful regarding the B&E and these too, will be included with the application.

When things start to wobble, get unsteady and begin to go a little sideways, that’s when people who don’t do this sort of thing a lot, begin to get discouraged and bog down in the confusion of it all. Impact Pardons Plus and our associates have the experience and the expertise to see you through this. IPP wants you on the road to a better tomorrow, today. If you started it yourself, don’t give up; click or call IPP.

Whatever the corrective action, a further notation must be made to the Record Suspension Application Form at Box 14.

And that my friends, will be the subject of our next foray into the world of abbreviations, crime, punishment and forgiveness.

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