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Big News Regarding Changes to CPIC System

fingerprints mandatory for government CPIC

Are you a Company Security Officer (CSO)? Perhaps you are in Human Resources (HR) and you sometimes have to tell new hires they will need to get a CPIC (pronounced ‘See-Pic’) or a background check done for that Government of Canada contract your company is working on. If so, here is an announcement from Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) that will rock your world.

"And if your breath to you is worth saving
Then you better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changing"
~Bob Dylon

As of 1 February, 2017, for government work, mandatory electronic fingerprints will be required.

Impact Pardons can help with that. Our staff have been sending digital fingerprints to the RCMP since 2005, and we can do that for you 7 days a week, early mornings or early evenings, at our office at 556 O’Connor Drive, in Kingston. Or if you prefer, we can visit your office. Call 343 333 1778 or email us and we will make the arrangements. By the way, Impact Pardons Plus can still do things under the current system until February, 2017.

Read more information about these CPIC requirement changes in the government link below.

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RCMP Processing Time Update

processing wait times rcmp

The following excerpt is taken from the RCMP website.

"Wait times for Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector (VS) checks vary depending on many different factors such as:

  • The format of application received: paper or electronic
  • The number of applications received at different times of the year
  • The amount of manual processing related to your application"
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Record Suspension User Fees Consultation

record suspension fees cost pricing

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) is holding a Public Consultation regarding the Record Suspension User Fee. From May 9th to June 6th, 2016, they will be looking for feedback from the general public and those involved in the criminal justice system.

Read their summary of the PBC's Record Suspension Program and familiarize yourself with the various steps in processing a record suspension. After reviewing the documents, you can join the online discussion by completing a questionnaire.

Parole Board of Canada (PBC)

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Conservative senators will fight Bill C-6

passport documentation program citizenship immigrationThe Liberal government tabled Bill C-6 last week and the goal is to repeal Conservative legislation (Bill C-24, 2014)

Read it in today’s Whig as ‘Tories vow to fight law’ or online in the Ottawa Citizen 'Tory Senators Fight Changes'

In early 2002, as a new person to the ID business, I called the passport office to determine if someone with a criminal record could even get a passport. Then, as now, passport applications are not processed through the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) to determine if a criminal record is involved. However, I was told if it was public knowledge the applicant was “not of good character” or would, “not be a good Canadian ambassador”, the possibility of acquiring a passport would be greatly diminished.

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Vow To Overhaul ‘Punitive’ Pardons System

Hope for pardons system Parole Board Canada

For those wanting, needing, or pleading for a change to the Parole Board of Canada rules and regulations regarding record suspensions (pardons), there is now hope.

Reported by CBC News on 20 Jan 2016, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale suggests the changes made by the previous conservative government to the pardons system were punitive. Mr. Goodale wants to re-examine the extended waiting periods, the cost and just perhaps make “…balance and fairness and proportionality…” part of the equation again.

Read it here and let me know what you think. I’m interested in this sort of thing.

CBC News link

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