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world wide fingerprint service

This is a follow up to our previous blog, Digital Fingerprints from Abroad.

From the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) website:

“As of July 2014, Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) will only accept electronic fingerprint submissions for civil purposes." - and this next bit of news - "Electronic fingerprint submission from outside Canada to the RCMP is not currently available.”

So if paper (ink and roll) fingerprints are no longer acceptable and you can’t submit electronic fingerprints because you’re traveling internationally and outside Canada, what do you do? Flying to Canada to get fingerprinted is not an economically sound plan. Now the question becomes: Who ya gonna call?

Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits can help. Our Global (Int’l) Canadian Fingerprinting Solutions program is the answer.

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Digital Fingerprints from Abroad

digital fingerprints for RCMP from international clientsCanadians working or travelling internationally or those wishing to immigrate to Canada from abroad, would be ideal candidates for the Global (Int’l) Canadian Fingerprinting Solutions Program developed by Impact Pardons Plus.

Global Canadian fingerprint processing is available through Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Although you may be an international client of Impact Pardons, your ink fingerprints placed on Canadian documentation by your local police agency and couriered to our offices from anywhere in the world for transcription to digital means your fingerprints will be processed by the RCMP just as all digital fingerprints are processed – fast and accurately.

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Start the New Year Right

new years resolution beginnings start over pardon record suspension

Start the new year off right by offering a fresh new start on life for someone who needs a better year in 2016.

The real treasures in life come from what you give, not what you get. Give the gift of a better future to a family member or a relative who may need a helping hand. A hand up is not a hand out. Sponsoring an application for a record suspension (pardon) may be the most generous gift you give someone this year.

You get to help someone you know and love; they get their life back; and, they get to pursue their lives with self-respect, freedom and dignity. Don’t think for a moment they won’t pass on the generosity - the gift continues. The gift of a more rewarding life is yours to give. Help a person you know to a better life, and your own life will be richer for the experience. This feel-good gift will stay with you and the recipient for a lifetime.

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Give a Gift that Gives Back

record suspension pardons criminal record clear name better futureThe gift of a fresh start is priceless. Help someone you know build a better life for themselves with the gift that gives back. Get them a gift that gives them a chance.

'Freedom', 'independence', 'peace of mind', 'courage' and 'honour' are not just words. These words stand for and represent a better life for someone you know and love. Break them from the binds their record holds around their life. This sort of gift begets the type of gratitude that cannot be put to words!

From the Parole Board of Canada:

In 2014-2015: 9,169 record suspension rendered, 92% record suspensions ordered and 8% refused.

Note: Since 1970, more than 490,000 Canadians have received pardons and record suspensions. 95 percent of these are still in force, indicating that the vast majority of pardon / record suspension recipients remain crime-free in the community. Someone you know needs to find the road to a better tomorrow.

Contact us to begin this process, and we'll start down that road together, today.

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Why wait 5 more years?

stressed man police court record suspension pardons paroleEven if you are not considering a record suspension in the near future, go ahead and get official copies of your court records now so you will have them when you need them.

Courts don’t retain court records indefinitely. If the fine has been paid and there are no outstanding considerations such as surcharges, restitutions, compensation orders or other costs, courts are inclined to move the records into storage. Each court manages records with their own policies, procedures and protocols regarding retention times. Some retain records for 7 years and others for 3 to 4 years. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes, records simply get misfiled, mislaid or accidently destroyed. Do yourself a favour. Get and keep your court records for the day you will need them.

Applying for a record suspension without official court documents isn’t impossible but with the process in place today through the Parole Board of Canada (PBC), other steps must be taken.

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Give Them a Chance

Give a gift to a loved one that keeps giving. Since 1970, 400,000+ Canadians have received pardons; 96% of which are still valid.

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