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True or False?

Just had a great comment from an Impact Pardons associate that was followed up with: True or False?

“A client told me you need to wait 7 years before you can erase something from your CPIC: True or False?”

I was intrigued by the ‘7 years’ part. Seven years is approximately how long it would take if one started the record suspension process as soon as all conditions had been met, if a 6 or 12 month probation is finished successfully, if the fine or fines are paid, if all compensations have been met and, if the Crown proceeded with a summary conviction... a lot of ‘ifs’ there. And if (another if) even one of those conditions was not met, what then? Allow me to put this in real life terms so everyone can understand.

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Keeping Kids Safe

impact pardons plus child identification kits for security and safetyIt was just a week or so ago, when Impact Pardons Plus set up a temporary table in the Frontenac Mall to hand out our KID Kits.

Olaf was on hand to help send a simple message..."Let's keep kids safe".

Olaf and I handed out over ninety kits to parents, guardians and grandparents that stopped by our booth. Each kit comes in a bag which contains a specially folded brochure that when filled out, will contain all the information the authorities might need to help locate and identify a lost child.

The KID Kit (Kid Identification Kit) when filled out, is a self-contained, air-tight package of identification information designed to be kept safely in the parents' sock drawer and intended for use when DNA, fingerprints, photos and medical information is required in a hurry. IPP understands that should this information be needed, stress will be a major part of the day.

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Good Editorial in the Whig

I read a great opinion/editorial in Saturday’s Whig. Christina Blizzard has a piece titled “Private sector wise alternative to costly policing” in which she quotes the CEO of Garda, a Montreal-based private security firm, ‘…do we need a $100,000 a year policeman to give parking tickets?’ I think not.

The training, dedication and skill set required to be a proficient police officer will diminish over time if the officer is not continually involved in true, core police duties. Interestingly, several other mundane, run-of-the-mill duties are mentioned which exactly match the services (the core duties, if you will) of what we do at Impact Pardons Plus (IPP).

IPP is approved and accredited by the RCMP to take, capture and submit digital fingerprints to the National Repository of Criminal Records for any civil purpose. IPP also does Level One Background Checks (CPICs) for employment with results generally back in 2 to 3 hours. Both of these services are mentioned in the Blizzard piece as non-core police duties and both can be done more efficiently and more cost effectively through the private sector.

The private sector doesn’t want to replace police, it just wants ‘… to do the routine work that doesn’t require police training.’

Civil prints include anyone needing fingerprints for adoption, a name change, a pardon (now called record suspensions), a US waiver or employment can be printed in our office at 556 O’Connor Drive in Kingston, Ontario, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm or by appointment on weekends and early evenings. IPP service is second to none. Criminal prints are best handled by the police.

Whether or not the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne will encourage police to allow the private sector to take on non-core police duties, Impact Pardons Plus will do its part to offer the very best service to taxpayers everywhere.

Let me know what you think.

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KID Kit Presentation

Last week I had the opportunity to present KID Kit information to the local Kingston Air Cadet Squadron management and staff and it went very well. A good number of the free kits were handed out and significantly, one grand dad saw the potential and requested 25 kits for his family reunion this summer.

Saturday 14 Feb, 2015 Impact Pardons Plus will be at the Frontenac Mall for 2 to 3 hours for Pink Shirt Day which is sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club, Kingston. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with a lot of Moms and Dads about our free KID Kit program. The whole idea is to keep kids safe.

IPP will have kits available from the RCMP, Victims of Violence and our own. We can do the fingerprinting for you or you can take the prints yourself by following the directions IPP includes with every KID Kit.

Drop by the IPP table and say ‘Hello’. Aunts and Uncles can pick up some kits for their nieces and nephews.

Visit Impact Pardons Plus on the web. Just type Impact Pardons at the Google prompt or give us a call at 343 333 1778.

IPP is open 8:30 to 4:30, Monday to Friday and available by appointment Saturday, Sunday and weekday evenings.

Impact Pardons Plus… a better (safer) tomorrow, today.

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Starting a Record Suspension is Easy

Starting a record suspension is an easy thing. Some of my rs clients come to me with applications they started five or ten years ago as pardons. No, starting isn’t the problem; following through in a timely manner is the problem.

The regulating government agency is now called the Parole Board of Canada or the PBC. Previously, it was The National Parole Board or NPB. In March, 2012, the proposed Omnibus Bil-C10 was passed and became law. Here are some of the changes ushered in during the transition years from September, 2010 to March, 2012:

The $50 NPB processing fee became $150 and is now a $631 PBC processing fee;

A pardon (which was either granted, revoked or denied by the NPB) is now a record suspension (which the PBA can order, refuse to order or revoke);

Any applicant with more than 3 indictable convictions with two year sentences - even if served concurrently, is ineligible to apply for a record suspension. Certain sexual offences also make record suspension applicants ineligible;

The waiting time between end-of-sentence and application eligibility is now 5 years for summary convictions and 10 years for indictable convictions, and;

Once a record suspension has been assigned to a board for consideration, the PBC must insure a decision is reached in 6 months for summary convictions or in 12 months for indictable convictions. There is a further 12 months available to the PBC for the most complicated applications.


Those applying for a pardon 5 and 10 years ago ran into these changes and either became discouraged or they couldn’t keep up with the changing landscape.

IPP has done hundreds and hundreds of pardons/record suspensions since 2005. We know the policies and regulations PBC must now work under. We know them so you don’t have to.

IPP has positioned itself as the best place for you to start – and finish - your record suspension application. Impact Pardons Plus is the most economical and most experienced record suspension preparer in southeastern Ontario. IPP is located in Kingston, Ontario but our expertise, low fees and confidential service is available to all through our website. If you started your application, let IPP get you across the finish line to freedom. If you haven't yet started, don't hesitate. Get in touch with IPP and we will help you get your life back.

Impact Pardons Plus…a better tomorrow, today.


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