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Give A Gift That Keeps Giving

The gift of a fresh start is priceless. A Canadian Record Suspension can grant you a fresh start to your life.

The following is from the Parole Board of Canada:

From April 1, 2000* up to March 31, 2013, the Board Granted/Issued/Ordered 217,133 files, of which:

  • 7,118 (3.3%) were convicted for a new offence(s).
  • 5,898 (2.7%) were eventually Ceased or Revoked.


  • 96.7% of applicants who received a Pardon/Record Suspension remain crime free.
  • 97.3% of Pardon/Record Suspension remains in effect.

Give them the gift that gives them a chance.

‘Freedom’, ‘independence’, ‘peace of mind’, ‘courage’ and ‘honour’ are not just words. These words stand for and represent a better life for someone you know and love.

Someone you know needs to find the road to a better tomorrow.

Call Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) at 343 333 1778 and we’ll start down that road together, today.

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Your Only Option?

Have you been looking to get a record suspension (formally pardon) lately? Or perhaps what you really would like to do is travel to the States but your criminal record prevents this.

For US travel you would need a US waiver but there is no pressing need or requirement to get a record suspension (pardon) as well. It really depends on why you are going to the States. Would it be for work or pleasure? Is it a job requirement or is it time to take the grandkids to Disney World in Florida? Depending on your reasons, different solutions are required.

Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) will ask questions, take the time to know what you want to do (or need to do) and help you get to the right decision. In this ‘discovery’ process, you may decide it is important for you to get both a record suspension and a US waiver. If a NEXUS or FAST card is required for work and you have had ‘situations’ at the border, a record suspension is a must. Applying for both documents at the same time actually saves you money At impact Pardons Plus (IPP) as some documents required for one are also required for the other.

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You can count on IPP

In my travels these last couple of weeks, I had occasion to personally visit three police agencies regarding the completion of one record suspension. All three agencies know me by my work and phone calls I have made over the years. My written, Local Police Record Request (LPRC) package was received by two agencies with pleasant smiles and a reassuring comment that they would get in touch with me when the LPRC was ready for pick-up. One of those agencies, being aware of my interest in digital fingerprinting, even gave me a tour of their new digital fingerprint facility which included taking not only a full set of my flat and rolled fingerprints, but also my digital palm and side prints. Very many thanks (VMTs) guys, for your professional courtesy; most appreciated.

The third agency was quite a different story. Dropping off the LPRC was obviously an imposition. They don’t make change; I came back with exact change and then was told not once but twice, I needed to present the Local Police Record Check to another agency as my client currently lives in that other jurisdiction.

When I pointed out that would be correct if I were requesting a CPIC (a background check), but not for a LPRC. I was then told, “…there’s been some controversy…” I asked, “What controversy?” No answer was forthcoming.

Reminding the front counter person this written package was called a ‘Local’ Police Record Request for a record suspension, I mentioned LRPC packages had already been passed to the other appropriate agencies and this package needed to be completed in this jurisdiction.

At that point, the front counter person telephoned someone for assistance, explained the situation and asked what was required. After a few additional questions and some head nodding, the counter person hung up, wrote me a receipt, said someone would contact me when it’s ready and added have a nice day. It was an unpleasant visit made a bit contentious as the counter person insisted they knew the protocols and assumed I did not.

My concern is not about this minor disagreement between the front counter person and me. I have done enough pardons and record suspensions to know the proper protocols so I stood my ground. I am more concerned for people who are completing a record suspension on their own. If bad information was being foisted on me, it could happen to them and relying on information from the front desk of a police agency may be detrimental to the completion of a record suspension application.

Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) has a solution.

Call IPP at 343 333 1778. We’ll answer your questions and even ask you some. Some people who may have qualified for a pardon in the past are now ineligible for a record suspension.

Talk to IPP and we’ll help sort things out before you commit a lot of money. Record suspensions, US waivers, purges or record destructions…we can even help with passport applications and photos.

Impact Pardons Plus; the road to a better tomorrow, today.

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Just the Facts...

Because facts are sometimes pesky things, let’s put some light on ‘em and wrestle these rascals to the ground.


Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) has more than a decade in dealing with these things and each one is a game-changer. Just as you can have a Nest of Rumours, a Fleet of Ships or a Panel of Experts, IPP has a File of Facts…and because they can be wascally things as regulations change from time to time, we’ll start with these three and dig out a few more from the ‘file’ in coming weeks.


In respect to a Parole Board of Canada (PBC) Record Suspension Application (formally Pardon), IPP’s File of Facts regarding court records.

Fact: The applicant must complete a 5 or 10 year waiting period after probation or incarceration and satisfy all fines, surcharges, restitutions, compensations orders and other costs.


Fact: Courts do not invoice or bill persons who have been convicted and levied a fine, surcharge, restitution, compensation order or other costs.


Fact: Not having official copies of court records will mean waiting 10 years.


Example Situation: two people (Person Eh? and Person Bee) are summarily charged with Theft under $5000 in October 2009. At the court hearing - 23 May 2010 - both were fined $1000, told to make restitution of $2000 with time to pay (36 months) and given 6 months’ probation.


Best Practice: If given ‘time to pay’, ignore that and pay everything off as soon as you can. If you received a period of probation, try to have all monies paid off before your probation is finished. Get and keep all copies of receipts especially the final receipt that indicates ‘paid in full’; ensure you can read the final payment date. Get and keep copies of your court records so you have them when you are eligible to apply for a record suspension in 5 or 10 years.



Person Eh? took advantage of the ‘time to pay’ and has all monies paid off over a period of 36 months. His probation was successfully completed in November 2010 and his last fine payment was paid in May 2013. He kept no receipts and requested no copies of his court records.


Person Bee set a goal to pay her fine and restitution by the end of her probation period. She met it. While making her final fine payment she asked for a receipt marked, ‘Paid in Full’ and dated 25 November 2010. Person Bee got and kept official copies of her court records and she also got a signed and dated receipt for her paid restitution.



Person Eh?: Because he took the extra time to pay off his fine and satisfy the restitution requirements, his sentence was not actually completed until May 2013. The 5 year waiting period for his summary conviction means the earliest he can apply for a Record Suspension is May 2018. If he doesn’t get court records, he runs the risk of having no court records as some courts have a record retention schedule of only 5 to 6 years. The court may well destroy his records in 2016 or 2017 as everything has been paid off and settled. One can always sign an affidavit affirming payment of all fines and other costs but with no court record available, the PBC will assume his offence was an indictable offence and a 10 year waiting period is mandated. His waiting period will now take him to May, 2023. That news wasn’t good and that’s why I call him Person Eh?


Outcome for Person Bee…

She has her court records and receipts. Her 5 year waiting period for her summary offence will be finished in late November, 2015. She will start her record suspension application process in June, 2015. That’s why I called her Person Bee… she was ‘busy as a bee’ to pay everything off during her probation period.



Get and keep receipts;

Get and keep official copies of you court records, and

Pay off fines sooner rather than later.


More from the File of Facts next time and if you wish, call or write if you have questions.

Impact Pardons Plus… the road to a better tomorrow, today.


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A few things about records...

When applying for a record suspension (rs) - formally called a pardon - it’s better to have court records than not. Sure, you can get by without the records if the court clerk has correctly filled out the Court Information Request form but if there is a discrepancy in dates or amount of fine you won’t know until your application comes back from the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) requesting more information.

While you are busy trying to get more court information, other documents within the application are timing out. That’s right… some documents in the rs application have a ‘best before’ date.

If you want to do your own rs application, that’s admirable. The PBC even advises that a lawyer is not necessary. But there are a lot of rules and regulations to learn and most people (96.7%) will never have to use those rules and regulations again. As someone who has completed and submitted hundreds of pardon and record suspension applications, I can say without doubt there is something to be learned - and experience gained, from each submission.

Every application is different and each court or police service has their own policies and procedures that must be followed. A short time ago while talking face-to-face about a record suspension application with one of our surrounding local police agencies, the clerk insisted I needed to fill out a CPIC form. When I said a CPIC is not needed for a record suspension, I was told everyone must fill out a CPIC. Twice more I was asked to fill out a CPIC request.

We got it sorted out; no hurt feelings or embarrassment. However, had I been a person who was doing his own record suspension for the first time, I suspect I would have filled out a CPIC request and spent money needlessly.

Give Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) a call at 343 333 1778 and we’ll look over your application before you send it in. Take advantage of the expertise at IPP and we’ll get you on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

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