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As of 1 July, 2014, only electronic (digital) fingerprint submissions will be accepted by the RCMP. As an approved and accredited finger printer for the RCMP, Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) can deliver digital prints to the RCMP and we do it economically.

IPP service is second to none. We look after our clients when they are available. If you are only available after regular work hours, call us and we’ll book you in for 5pm or 6pm. Prefer a weekend sitting? Let us know if Saturday or Sunday would be better and we’ll book you in.

IPP submits digital fingerprints to the RCMP for employment, citizenship, immigration, adoptions, record suspension (formally pardon) and US waiver applications… in short, for any non-criminal purpose.

Give us a call at 343 333 1778 and IPP can print you and you can be on your way in 10 to 12 minutes.

Ink and roll to digital transcription service available. Call

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My time in Toronto...

My work in Toronto these last few weeks has broadened my horizon dramatically. While helping an associate and friend through some holiday time for his staff, it fell to me to look after one of his fingerprinting shops in Toronto.

The first day I saw 12 fingerprint clients and 7 people who needed CPICs. The second day was so busy it simply morphed into the third. The phrase, “Please have a seat in our waiting room and I’ll be with you as soon as I can”, was repeated so many times, I’m sure they found the waiting room, ‘standing room only’.

The third day I was able to use ‘Divide and Conquer’ to move things along at a brisk pace. Those needing a CPIC or background check (based on name and date of birth) were to fill out a form, pay the fee and present two pieces of ID which I would check and photocopy. They left and a call later that day would let them know their CPIC was ready for pickup. Those needing our LiveScan fingerprint service are looked after on a first-come, first-serve basis. This works well and I suspect it is how the regular staff handle fingerprint clients. The faster I get with the LiveScan process, the greater number of clients I see. In this ID office, I don’t seem to run out of clients…I run out of time.

There is a trend I am picking up…More and more police services are releasing old charges in the course of completing background checks. When a person needs a simple background check (a CPIC for work, for example), old charges that resulted in non-conviction dispositions such as withdrawn, acquitted, dismissed, quashed, discharged, stayed or findings of not guilty or not criminally responsible by the court…charges for which one has not been convicted…may be noted on their CPIC by certain police agencies. By reporting your non-convictions, it becomes impossible for you to get a ‘clean’ CPIC for work. This is a problem. While convictions can be addressed by a record suspension through the Parole Board of Canada, charges cannot.

The only way to address these ‘non-convictions’ is to request a purge or document destruction from the pertinent police agency. Most police agencies will remove old charges but be aware, there is no law that says municipal or provincial police must remove old charges. Removing charges or not reporting charges, is at the discretion of the police agency and they all have their own regulations regarding non-convictions.

Impact Pardons Plus has developed a purge process which ensures the relevant police agency will address your concerns about past charges in writing. Let IPP assist you with our IPP Purge Process.

Call 343 333 1778 for a better tomorrow, today.


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Recent Headlines from the Star...

‘Time to police background checks’, ‘Tighten police database rules to safeguard privacy’, ‘Rules governing police records and background checks dangerously murky’ and this one, ‘She threw water at him. It came up on a police check’ and this headline from 24 May 2014: ‘420,000 in police database never convicted…’

Also from the Toronto Star, headlines from the previous couple of months… ‘Chief Blair proposes fee increase to improve police check backlog’ and ‘Police are pricing themselves out of business’.

Background checks are now a standard operating procedure for most business people. As such, getting one completed and back quickly can pose a problem. Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) can get clear background checks back in as little as 2 hours.

Putting you on the road to a better tomorrow, today... is what IPP does.

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Two Important Questions...

When can a person apply for a record suspension (formally pardon)?

Before a person is eligible to apply for a record suspension, they must have:

1. completed all sentences, and

2. waited a certain period of time from the completion of all sentences.

When is a sentence completed?

  • When a person has paid all fines, surcharges, costs, restitution and compensation orders in full;
  • When a person has served all sentences of imprisonment, conditional sentences, including parole and statutory release;
  • When a person has satisfied their probation order.

Call Impact Pardons Plus if you have questions. IPP has the answers. 343 333 1778

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Impact Pardons Plus

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

                                                            …Jean de La Fontaine

Whatever road you have taken that has brought you to Impact Pardons Plus (IPP), is the right road traveled; the right decision made. There is no judgement; no criticism. We talk it through and you decide the direction you want to go.

Impact Pardons Plus…the road to a better tomorrow, today.

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