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You’re doing everything right…the first step was to get digital fingerprints sent to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and after waiting 12 to 16 weeks, you received your criminal certificate. Then you went after court records.

While waiting for your court records, Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) suggests you start drafting/outlining your thoughts for the Measurable Benefits/Sustained Rehabilitation Form (MB/SR). The MB/SR form is the only opportunity for the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) to really get a ‘read’ on why bad things happened and what changes you have made so they won’t happen again. (What used to be a 2 syllable, single page ‘letter’ for a pardon, grew to a 16 syllable, 3 page marathon for a record suspension. But don’t worry, IPP will help you navigate those waters.) Once your court records come back, the next step is to request the Local Police Records Check (LPRC).

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Our Services - Confidential Affordable Available

confidential available affordable services impact pardons digital digitsConfidential. Affordable. Available. That's what you can expect at Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits.

Place your trust in IPP. Your information remains secure as we work with you through your application. IPP is approved and accredited by the RCMP in all matters RTID (Real Time Identification). Confidentially is not a “buzz-word”; it’s how IPP operates.

An ink and roll fingerprintprint is just $32. A digital fingerprint is $45 (+$25 where RCMP fees apply). ID photos for passports, immigration, and citizenship, as well as PAL (Possession and Acquisition License, formally known as the FAC) and Security Guard applications are only $10. A CPIC (police background check) is $28.25 and completed and returned by lunch. Do you need a RS (Record Suspension, formally pardon) or a US Waiver at an affordable cost? IPP will show you where you can save by doing some of the work yourself. IPP helps you afford the record suspension because not getting one costs so much more.

Do you work? Are you only available weekends and unable to take time off to get prints? (Perhaps requesting time off is not even an option.) IPP can look after you by appointment on a Saturday or Sunday or, if you prefer, during a week-day evening. IPP is available when you are available.

This is what we mean by: Confidential, Affordable and Available.

Contact Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits for a better tomorrow, today.

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Passport Photo Guidelines

face height guidelines passportI had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the Jamaican Embassy regarding their passport photo requirements. A recent client of mine told me he had received a call from the Jamaican Embassy requesting he resubmit his photos as they were “…too small”. The Embassy suggested he resubmit larger photos and that there was no need to cut them to size as the Embassy staff would look after cropping.

I’m always happy to look after my clients, and passport photo reprints incur no extra charge at Impact Pardons Plus if the photos are unacceptable. However, the instructions he'd received regarding sizing and cropping left me wondering, where is the Jamaican Embassy going with this?

Everything regarding a Jamaican Passport/Visa photo indicates a 35mm x 45mm outside dimension with the head measuring 25mm to 35mm from chin to crown. I had to speak to someone at the Embassy to ensure the retake would be acceptable.

I called the Jamaican Embassy and was given the internal number to the Passport/Visa section. By lucky happenstance, I got to speak with the same person who'd spoken with my client earlier. Mona (not her real name) was most helpful as she answered my questions and dealt with my concerns.

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International Fingerprint Process

global digital fingerprint submission to rcmp from afar international

In terms of our Global (Int’l) Canadian Fingerprinting Solution program, getting the paper-based ink fingerprints digitized and sent to the RCMP for processing is not the end game; getting the results of the search back to the client (or their designee) quickly, securely and economically, is the true goal.

To reach that goal through international borders, a series of permissions must be acquired. The permission is granted when the requesting party (the client) signs a 3rd Party Consent to Release Personal Information form. The completed 3rd Party Consent will have the client’s signature, one fingerprint and the return address the RCMP are to use. The return address need not be the client’s.

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Give a gift to a loved one that keeps giving. Since 1970, 400,000+ Canadians have received pardons; 96% of which are still valid.

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