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A new ID company...

…but certainly not new to the business.

Impact Pardons Plus is a new ID Service company centered in Kingston, dedicated to offering the best of service, affordable prices and an exemplary record of confidentiality to those requiring our assistance. Through the ‘net, we operate Canada wide.

Allow Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) to put our years of experience to work for you. IPP can help with:

Fingerprinting (ink and roll, CardScan to Digital) RCMP/FBI Approved and Accredited for employment, adoption, security clearances, citizenship, immigration, visas and waivers

Background Checks (CPICs)…negative results back within two hours (that’s a good thing!) Ask about our Portable ID Option… on-site CPICs or fingerprinting for groups

Record Suspension (formally pardon) applications prepared for the Parole Board of Canada

US Waiver applications prepared for the Department of Homeland Security

Requesting a Purge for your withdrawn, dismissed, acquitted and stayed charges

Oaths or affidavits for record suspensions

Photos for passport, Immigration, Citizenship and PAL; four photos for $10 including HST. Bonus to you… need a passport and PAL photo? Get both for $10. Need a passport, PAL and SG/PI Licence? Get all 3 photos for $10.

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FLASH! FLASH! Express Pardons Has Closed… FLASH! FLASH!

If you or someone you know has received notification regarding the closure of Express Pardons, contact Impact Pardons Plus. If you wish to pursue your record suspension or US waiver, IPP - with your help - will develop a plan to move it along.

It may mean starting over; or it might mean getting some records, again. It’s a mess but if you think it is worthwhile, call IPP at 343 333 1778.

Impact Pardons Plus wants you on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

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The Portable ID Option from IPP...

Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) has a Portable ID Option that gives you on-site and on time fingerprints or Background checks (also called CPICs).

Here is a scenario that recently played out…

Situation: Company ABC got a new contract and the client required everyone working on the project to be background checked. The contract was to begin shortly and Company ABC had slatted the evening shift for the work. Telling everyone to get a background check and actually having everyone get a background check completed by project start time was going to be ‘iffy’.

Solution: Have the ID service provider - IPP - go to Company ABC at about 4:30pm, set up in an available and appropriate area and have the shift workers drop by during their shift. In this case the paperwork and ID verification was concluded by 7pm.

The next day, all 9 background checks were completed, signed, embossed and delivered to Company ABC by 1pm. No mess; no fuss.

Benefits: The shift had no down time;

no employee had to get a background check on their time;

all background checks completed and back the next day;

one vehicle on the road going to the many rather than many vehicles going and returning from, the ID service, and

in this day and age of “Bein’ Green”, it just makes sense to have the one person – IPP, go to the many.

If you should only need one or two persons cleared or fingerprinted, call IPP and if the Portable ID Option fits, we’ll commit.

Impact Pardons Plus offers two types of background checks; a regular CPIC for $28.25 and a Premium CPIC for $33.90.

Call us for a better tomorrow, today. 343 333 1778

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Connect - The Business Expo!

I'd like to invite you to join me at the largest business networking event in south eastern Ontario; Connect - The Business Expo! It's happening on Thursday, September 26th between 2:00pm and 7:00pm at Rogers K-Rock Centre, 1 The Tragically Hip Way, Kingston.

I'll be there as an exhibitor and it would be a great time to drop by and introduce yourself. You'll find we'll have something to talk about. My close friends tell me, "Andrew, you always have something to talk about." That's good, right?

Look for booth C45. Impact Pardons Plus: putting you on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

See you there.

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Why do I need fingerprints this year?

A reader has asked an interesting question. He has been volunteering for several years (with the same organization) and this year – much to his surprise – his CPIC or background check, came back with a comment something like, “…there may or may not be a criminal record associated with this name and date of birth. Further fingerprint information is required.” That means he now needs to send fingerprints to the RCMP to prove he is the good guy. (Seems sort of backwards for our society…having to prove you are innocent. In court, the Crown must prove you guilty.)

Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) took care of the prints for him in quick order. The police agency he went to for his CPIC doesn’t have electronic or digital fingerprint capability, so they filled out an RCMP ‘Letter of Instruction’, had him sign it and told him to take it to an authorized fingerprint service to submit electronic prints (sometimes called RTID for Real Time Identification), on his behalf. RTID prints get transmitted, run and returned much quicker than paper prints. Paper prints may take 90 days or more. IPP is an authorized and accredited RTID fingerprint agency and we use CardScan to get RTID prints to the RCMP quickly, accurately and at a great price. (Plus, we print when the client is available.) No other fingerprinting organization/agency in Kingston does that.

Back to his question, “I’ve never needed prints before, why do I need ‘em now?”

It’s simple and disappointing all at the same time. His last name is a more common name. Not Jones or Smith but, just a regular name like Brooks, or Anderson or Stuart or Logan. Since his last CPIC, a person having almost the same last name and date of birth has been charged and that information has been entered into the CPIC system. (CPIC stands for ‘Canadian Police Information Centre’ – the place criminal records are stored). When his name and birth were entered, a possible match was detected so the RCMP – read carefully now… the RCMP drop the name, and run a second check based on gender and date of birth. If the system still indicates a possible match, the quote from the first paragraph of this piece is generated and returned to the requesting police agency who advised the CPIC applicant to get prints.

His ‘Letter of Instruction’ ended up on my desk because IPP could print him on his schedule, for a great price and we got the results back to the original police agency fast so they could complete the CPIC.

So why did I write, “It’s simple and disappointing…?” Well, until the person he is a close match with gets a record suspension (formally called a pardon) this volunteer will always need to get fingerprints to prove he is not the bad guy.

Because this volunteer just needs a fresh CPIC (no vulnerable sector involved) each year, he says he’ll come to IPP to get fingerprints taken from the get-go. This saves the cost of a rejected CPIC and just to be clear, a fingerprint check is a CPIC on steroids.

Impact Pardons Plus…getting RTID print results back fast, fingerprinting when you are available and at a great price.

Call IPP at 343 333 1778 and we’ll put you on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

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