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How long is a CPIC good?

From the RCMP web site…, “If you will be working or volunteering with vulnerable members of society such as children, the elderly or persons with disabilities, you may need to complete a vulnerable sector (VS) check.” Note: the RCMP indicates, ‘may need’, because it is really up to the employer, club or organization to tell the employee or the volunteer what requirements are needed to keep their clientele safe.

A CPIC (pronounced ‘See-Pick’, sometimes called Background Check’, ‘Criminal Name Check’, ‘Criminal Information Request’, ‘Criminal Record Request’, ‘Criminal Record Check’, ‘Police Check’ or ‘Police Certificate’) is a ‘point-in-time’ document. That means it is ‘fresh’ when first done but as time passes, the document no longer reflects your background from ‘back then’ to ‘now’.

Depending on the policies and procedures of the company, club or organization you are trying to work or volunteer with, a new CPIC may have to be obtained if the current document you have is 30, 60 or 90 days old. Each organization makes their own policy.
Impact Pardons Plus will work with your club or organization and if requested, will attend your Information night with the required forms to get things rolling that night. IPP can help.

 Or, if you need a background check for your group or club, give IPP a call at Kingston’s newest cell phone exchange 343 333 1778. IPP will get you background checked quickly so you can get on with your new job or volunteer position quickly. CPICs can be back within 2 hours.

IPP…for a better tomorrow, today.

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Require CPICs For Your Group?

Impact Pardons Plus can look after the CPICs for your group or organization and get them done fast. Results are back the next day. Call IPP at 343 333 1778 and let us know when and where you’re having your ‘info night’ meeting. Let everyone know to bring two pieces of current ID (both ID should feature the same name and one must be a photo ID). IPP will bring the paperwork and scanner and give a briefing to everyone who would like to apply for a CPIC (sometimes called a Background Check). Payment can be made directly to IPP or IPP can invoice the club/organization.

Impact Pardons…for a better tomorrow, today.

Note: those who need Vulnerable Sector Checks (VS) must by law, work through the local police.

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What makes good ID good?

Last time I posed a few questions regarding your club/organization or business holding an information night for new or returning members. If they will need to renew their CPIC, IPP can help get the forms filled out, check the ID and get the CPICs back the next day. Speaking of ID...

What is good ID? Or asked another way...What makes an identification card good or better ID, than other cards in your wallet?

A primary ID document should have 4 main, date of birth (DOB), picture and your signature. Some additional items like an expiry date and security measures on the card itself make for a great primary ID card. For most adults, that is their Driver's Licence.

Persons who do not drive can now get a primary ID from ServiceOntario in 4 to 6 weeks for $35. You can apply for an Ontario Photo Card if you do not drive, live in Ontario and are 16 years of age or older. Go to Google, type in ServiceOntario and scroll down past the fisherman and you'll find it under 'Identification and Certificates.'

But a good primary ID should be backed up with another ID. The secondary ID must be a card with the same name and date of birth as presented with the primary ID. Most people will use their birth certificate. Those who have changed their name will want to use a passport, Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) or some other card that backs up the name and date of birth on the primary ID.

It's important that those who are checking the ID ensure the document is not expired. If it has expired, other ID can be used and by a preponderance of ID, we can 'get it done.'

Have everyone who needs a CPIC apply during Information Night and IPP can deliver the results the next day.

Call 343 333 1778 and IPP can put your group, organization or club on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

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Invite IPP to your Information Night.

If your club, organization or business is going to need new CPICs (background checks) this fall for your returning members, invite IPP to attend your information night and we'll take care of the paperwork. IPP will ensure the forms are properly filled out, ID's are correct (and current) and then send the applications in for processing. IPP can return the completed certificates - usually the next day.

Straight, clean and simple; no long wait, no mess, no fuss.

Call 343 333 1778 or email Impact Pardons Plus if you have questions. Questions like...

What is good ID?

Does everyone need a VS check each time?

Why are VS checks only done at the local police agency?

Why can't I use my Ontario Health Card as ID?

What if I do have a criminal record?

IPP can put your club, organization or business on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

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The IPP Promise

IPP will continue to offer the most value for your ID services dollar.

We will ensure your confidentiality while completing your ID services in a timely manner. IPP is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and on weekends by appointment. IPP promises to handle fingerprints, photos, background checks and personal legal documents in a professional, confidential and timely manner.

Looking after the client with dignity and concern while finding the best, most economical way to solve an issue, is how Impact Pardons Plus puts people on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

Call 343 333 1778 or if you’re from away, email your number to me and I’ll call you.

…for a better tomorrow, today.

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