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waiver signed legal document assistance and informationAt Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) – Home to Digital Digits – we work with several legal documents that make a big difference in our client’s lives. At IPP we understand each client has come to a decision and now wishes to pursue a record suspension (formally pardon), a US waiver, a purge, a CPIC, an affidavit , a Canadian Passport and sometimes, a combination of the above. We take our clients wishes seriously and make every effort to complete the various applications quickly, accurately and as economically as possible. Let’s take an overview look at the legal documents IPP clients may request.

Record Suspension

record suspension handcuffs arrested help information guidanceDue to changes in the Criminal Records Act (CRA) on 13 March, 2012, the term ‘pardon’ was replaced with ‘record suspension’. Once the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) orders a record suspension, all information about your convictions is removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and although convictions are not erased, they are kept separate and apart from other criminal records. Generally, this means you will now get a clear CPIC when you need to get a background check for a new job, a volunteer position, a government contract or when making application for immigration or citizenship. Over 97 percent of all pardons/record suspensions granted/ordered by the National Parole Board (NPB) and now Parole Board of Canada (PBC), remain in effect today. Note: a record suspension applies to convictions… see “These charges…’ in the Purge paragraph below.

US Waiver

border patrol highway crossing assistance informationIf you have ever been charged with criminal activity, there is a strong possibility that while crossing the Canadian – US border you may be singled out for an interview and the outcome is you will be asked to apply for and obtain, a US Waiver of Inadmissibility. The US waiver is an American document issued by Department of Homeland Security and is valid from one to five years from the date of issuance. Unlike Canada’s record suspension, the US waiver times out and must be renewed to remain effective. You do not need a record suspension to apply for a US waiver. However, getting a record suspension is no guarantee you won’t need a US waiver. IPP will work with you to complete the G-325A, I-192 and your statement letter. We’ll send your prints digitally to the RCMP and keep you updated as documents come in. If you want or need to travel to the United States but have a criminal record, a US waiver may be necessary. Call or click IPP – Home to Digital Digits.


Sometimes called a record destruction, the purge is on the peripheral edge of legal documents. It is more a collection of letters made to the appropriate police agencies requesting outstanding charges be removed from your criminal record. Police agencies don’t always comply; nor must they. Depending on the p olicies and procedures of the local police agency involved, your previously withdrawn, dismissed, found not guilty, stayed, acquitted, quashed, overturned or dropped charges may still be found in ‘Column 4’ of your criminal certificate (sometimes called your FPS) Even though you were successful in getting a record suspension, these charges were never addressed by the PBC because a record suspension by definition, only addresses convictions. Read these next four words carefully: charges are not convictions. Legally, therefore, you can have a record suspension ordered on your behalf but still have a criminal record.


criminal police background check paperwork assistance servicesSome call this document a name check, a background check or a police check. Whatever it is called, the CPIC is more popular today than ever before. Businesses are requesting a background check from those they hire and for those they promote. At IPP – home to Digital Digits, we do background checks for cleaning companies, drivers, construction companies, trades people, dog handlers, I.T. people and the list goes on. A CPIC is a point-in-time document which means it covers your past and up to yesterday. Most employers don’t accept photocopies or CPICs that are more than 60 days old. A CPIC is also based on name, date of birth (DOB) and gender and is ultimately sent to the Canadian Police Information Centre in Ottawa. Should the name and DOB match a holding, the RCMP will request fingerprints be submitted to determine just who belongs to criminal record. This means results may take 9 to 11 weeks if you have a criminal record or 10 to 14 days if you have no record. At IPP we ask you to self-declare any criminal activity before sending the CPIC request. This way, when a criminal history is found with your name, DOB and gender, the RCMP also has your self-declaration that matches their finding. The results come back ‘Confirmed’ usually within 4 hours. With no criminal record, the CPIC is back within 2 to 3 hours. This quick, accurate service makes a big difference to the employer who has knowledge of your criminal past but has employed you for 15 years and wants you to be able to work the new contract that starts next Tuesday.

Affidavits and Commissioner of Oaths

stick pad notes legal documents informationIn the process of completing record suspensions and other related documents for our clients, IPP has had occasion to draw up affidavits. An affidavit is a statement of fact sworn to by the person signing the document and it carries the same force and effect as if made under oath. Not all of our clients will need this service but when they do, this service is necessary to have.


passport documentation paperwork important information assistanceThrough our wonderful immigration community, IPP – Home to Digital Digits, has had many opportunities to work with passport application from all over the world. India, Mexico, USA, the UK come to mind right away. Each passport application is handled according to protocol. Some countries require 2 photos; others need 6 or more. All the photos requirements are different but that’s not a problem for Impact Pardons Plus (IPP). For Canadian passports, IPP will take the photos, cut them to size, stamp one and place them in an envelope (plastic or paper?), and have you on your way quickly for our standard price of $10. Look for our sale and get an even better deal. Also, as there are no longer printed copies of passport applications available at Service Canada, IPP will - for a modest fee - be pleased to assist you with completing the digital version on line in our office. Completing your passport application in our office guarantees you get our sale price on photos.

Legal Information is not legal advice. These articles do not constitute legal advice. Legal information is subject to change and legal advice may vary based on individual circumstances. The above information is general in nature and may not be applicable to everyone.

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