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child identification kid kits security safety precautionsNo one wants to think, even for a second, that anything bad could happen to their child. But the reality is that sometimes bad things do happen. Let's do our best to be prepared, and keep our children safe.

The most important tool for law enforcement when searching for a missing child is an up-to-date information package containing such items as photos, DNA, descriptors (identifying marks, tattoos) and fingerprints.

The KID Kit program developed at Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits - are easy enough to produce and are certainly more economical than just about any other giveaway product. The KID Kit provides a simple yet effective tool for families to maintain current photos and descriptive information about their children. Keep the kit in a place where you can access it quickly should it ever become necessary to do so. The kit can be filled out at home by parents or guardians and kept in a sock drawer or the fridge, if valuable information is kept there now anyway. The kit also happens to serve as a very serious, and in times of emergency, very necessary tool for law enforcement and first responders.

There are probably a dozen large law enforcement agencies that produce a child’s identification kit in one form or another in Canada today. Also, there are several private agencies that offer their identification kits to businesses like Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) for advertising purposes - at a cost, of course. We looked into partnering with several of these but their products all seemed to lack inclusion of vital information and IPP could not put its name on their product without requesting what we thought were important and necessary changes. For example, one kit suggested a parent or guardian ‘clip some hair’ to include in the kit for DNA. When we suggested they might change ‘clip some hair’ to ‘include a single hair with root attached’ (the follicle or root, is where good DNA is found), IPP was told they couldn’t change their product. So IPP created its own platform. We called it a Kid Identification Kit, then shortened the name to KID Kit. It fits, it stuck, and it is a vital tool for every family to have for each of the children in the house.

What the KID Kit Includes

child identification kid kids security safety solutionscotton swab for child identification safety kit dna sampleThe KID Kit comes with everything you need to keep kids safe should they wander off, get lost, or have some sort of accident. Basic biographical information such as Name (or Nick Name), address, closest friends, their school address, their cell phone number, height, weight, eye and hair colour can be entered on the document, as well as whatever basic medical information such as allergies, medications, blood type, doctor’s name and address, and any special medical notations the parent or guardian might choose to include.

DNA material can be included using the small, air tight, resealable plastic bags included in the KID Kit. The parents or guardian may choose to include either a hair with follicle or a cheek swab - or they can include both.

These days just about everyone has a cell phone they can take pictures with. If the child is younger than 4 years, update the photo section of the kit every three to six months or so. For kids older, once a year should be sufficient. Parents can take and use their own photos or request IPP take professional photos. No information is retained by IPP and all picture files are deleted after printing.

legal photo for child identification safety kitThe fingerprint portion of the KID Kit was designed to improve on the fingerprint sections found in all the other kits. We took the time required to design the area of the KID Kit that closely reflects what a professional fingerprint form would look like and we included instructions and suggestions to the parent or guardian on how to best capture a set of rolled, children’s fingerprints. (print at the edge of whatever surface you use; use a heavy book to keep the page steady; print one finger at a time and then wipe it clean; clean ink from fingers with WD-40 then wash with warm soap and water; and more tips)

Our KID kits are free, no one but parents or guardians has the information and should such information ever be needed, it is generally needed in a hurry. That’s why the kit was designed to be completely self-contained. The photo, DNA, biographical info, medical info and fingerprints are all kept on a single sheet of paper with the child’s name clearly visible, folded in a convenient, air tight, reseal-able plastic bag and kept in a sock drawer or refrigerator where, when needed, it can be given to law enforcement and sent out immediately to those who need that information to find and bring your kids safely home.

fingerprint ink and roll for child safety identification kid kitHave a kid? Get a kit. Have grand kids? Get all the kits you need. Are you an Aunt or Uncle with nephews and nieces? Take a kit for each of them. Have three kids but only one with you? Pick up two more KID Kits for the kids at home. In each KID Kit there is a place for fingerprints, photos, descriptors (height, weight, eye and hair colour), birth marks, tattoos, piercings, medical information like allergies, required medications, doctor's name and phone, DNA samples (hair and/or cheek swab), blood type, and even a place to include a few friends names and numbers. All the information is put in a sealed, 4.25 X 4.75 inch plastic pouch and given to parents or guardians to be kept in a safe place.

Let's keep kids safe.

Impact Pardons Plus is actively seeking opportunities to get our KID Kit program out to the public. If you know of any gatherings where KID Kits would be an added welcome addition to the day's activities, give us a call at 343.333.1778 (a local Kingston number).

Impact Pardons Plus: for a better (safer) tomorrow, today.

Should you require further information, contact Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits

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