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A Record suspension(RS) – formerly 'pardon',  is the only way a criminal record can be set aside so the individual can be freed from the background baggage that may be preventing the full enjoyment of life.

Imagine getting the job you want rather than settling for one you can get. Maybe you want to move up the ladder in the line of work you’re in. Most businesses require their employees to get a CPIC (pronounced, ‘See-Pick’ and stands for Canadian Police Information Centre  – sometimes simply called a background check or name check) even when being promoted from within the company. Want to volunteer at your church, school or hospital? An rs can help with that. Would you like to adopt? There are many more reasons for a record suspension. Mostly though, people want peace of mind.

Getting a record suspension today is just like getting a pardon in days gone by. True, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) uses slightly different language, the waiting periods to qualify are longer and there are some offences for which a person will forever be ineligible for an rs but at IPP, we know the new rules and regulations; we work within PBC guidelines every day for each of our clients.

In order to get you a brighter future, we must search past documents and records to ensure each of our clients qualifies under the new guidelines. IPP has studied the changes to the Criminal Records Act (CRA) under Bill C-10 and together, we will ensure moving forward with your application is the right thing to do.

About The Recent Changes

record suspension pardons sensitive legal informationThe PBC used to, “…grant, deny or revoke” pardons. Now, the PBC will, “…order, deny or revoke” a record suspension. The pardon always kept the criminal record,, “…separate and apart..” from other criminal records. The rs, however, will cause a criminal record to “…be set aside” from other criminal records.  In the past, people thought a pardon would: seal, destroy, shred, erase, eliminate, obliterate, eradicate, annihilate, destroy, expunge and/or remove one’s criminal record from CPIC. People thought their records were destroyed. They weren’t destroyed then nor are they now. The PBC decided the language must fit the action. Some record suspension companies still seem to indicate your rs (pardon) will be shredded or pealed, removed like old wallpaper and thrown out. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What really happens to your criminal record?

Once the PBC orders it, a letter is sent to the RCMP instructing your record be suspended and set aside in another computer, away from other criminal records. At the same time, a letter is sent to the client or the company that prepared the application, advising the client of the Parole Board’s decision.

Note: After getting the decision, give the RCMP 3 to 4 weeks to implement the changes to CPIC. After that, the next time you request a background check, there will be no record in CPIC to be found and no record you even received a record suspension. (I’m going to go on record right now and say it is much easier to use the term ‘pardon’ than ‘record suspension’ to discuss your record or the fact your record is no longer available through a record search of CPIC records. But that’s just for the record.)


record suspensions pardons legal sensitive information clearing

Additional fees common for all rs applications include:

•    Fingerprint Fee
•    RCMP Criminal Record Search
•    Court Documents
•    Local Police Records Check, and
•    $631.00 Parole Board of Canada (PBC) Processing Fee

Where you have lived in the last 5 years, where you were charged, how you were charged and are records still available are some of the factors which must be considered in every individual rs application. These variables can change the final cost of a record suspension by as much as 20 to 40 percent. Other disbursements that may apply, include:
•    Library and archives searches
•    Affidavits
•    Background checks
•    Consultation fees

The application preparation fee for Impact Pardons Plus is the same for everyone; it’s the disbursements required that make each rs application unique.

Record Suspension Prerequisites as of 13 Mar 2012

From the Parole Board of Canada...
Notice of Changes to the Pardon's Program under Bill C-10
Amendments to the Criminal Records Act (CRA) came into effect on March 13, 2012, resulting in changes to the Pardon program's name, eligibility requirements, and waiting periods, as follows:
•    The term "pardon" is replaced with the term "record suspension";
•    The waiting period for a record suspension has increased to 5 years for all summary conviction offences and to 10 years for all indictable offences;
•    Individuals convicted of sexual offences against minors (with certain exceptions) and those who have been convicted of more than three indictable offences, each with a sentence of two or more years, are now ineligible for a record suspension.
Those are the changes. The following is what has stayed the same.
After completion of all phases of the sentence,
•    All fines, surcharges, costs, restitution and compensation orders have been paid;
•    All sentences of imprisonment and conditional sentence order(s) have been met;
•    Any probation order(s) has been satisfied, and
•    After having waited the appropriate waiting period, an application for an rs may begin.

Important to note: Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) will make every effort to ensure you get the best, most confidential and complete rs service available for the best price to be had. Our commitment is, "To put you on the road to a better tomorrow, today.”

That is the vision of Impact Pardons Plus.

Should you require further information, contact Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits

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