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Do you require Digital Fingerprints?

finger print closeupFingerprinting is an intrinsic part of Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) services. Should you require a record suspension or a US waiver, fingerprints will be required to begin gathering the required documentation. If you are applying for a name change, adoption, or require immigration, citizenship or permanent residence documents there is a good chance your fingerprints will be required. Perhaps you are sponsoring a family to come to Canada. If so, fingerprints will be requested.

IPP, when in receipt of a letter of instruction from local police agencies, will take fingerprints and submit them digitally to the RCMP to complete vulnerable sector searches. Taking fingerprints and making digital submissions for employment, unpaid volunteer work and Privacy Act Requests are all reasons that a person my need to submit non-criminal, digital fingerprints to the RCMP.

IPP – home to Digital Digits (DD), is approved and accredited by the RCMP to capture fingerprints and make digital submissions to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS). Since most of what IPP does on a daily basis is based on capturing good, clean, legible fingerprints, let’s delve into the world of fingerprinting to let you know how IPP through Digital Digits collects great fingerprints.

From the Start

digital analysis of unique fingerprint points Your fingerprints actually develop in the womb during the first trimester. Factors like the environment and genetics govern the development of fingerprint patterns. Such parental information as DNA, diet and temperature help determine your fingerprint pattern and by week 13, fingerprints are set for life. Since pregnancies cannot be replicated, fingerprints cannot be the same from one person to the next; even identical twins. Their DNA is the same but their fingerprints are different.

A usable fingerprint must have visible points of recognition. A few major points of recognition would be: core, island, ridge end, delta, and various bifurcations. These points of recognition are contained within the ridge pattern of each fingerprint and there are nine basic fingerprint patterns: plain loop, twinned loop, lateral pocket loop, central pocket loop, plain arch, tented arch, exceptional arch, whorl and the ever popular, accidental. Everyone has points of recognition but it is the relationship to other points of recognition and in various patterns that make one persons’ fingerprint distinct from any other person.

Capturing Fingerprints

Most fingerprint appointments begin with a phone call to make the appointment. While on the phone, we not only make the date, time and payment arrangements, but also gather some basic biographical information – name, date of birth, address, phone, etc. – which we can use to prepare the C-216C fingerprint form. This ‘pre-prepared’ method allows the client to be printed and on their way quickly.

ink and roll fingerprinting examplesWhen the client arrives, they are asked to look over the C-216C while we photocopy two pieces of current and valid ID. If all is correct and accurate, the ID is returned, the papers are signed and we move to the printing area where the client is given a brief overview of the printing procedure… how they should stand, move, where they should look. Two practice prints are done so the client knows how a good print feels. Then they are ready for ‘prime time’ and the client’s fingers are ‘inked’ one finger at a time for rolled impressions and then inked again for the flat impressions.

With no printing issues like dry fingers due to aging, perspiring fingers, worn ridges or poor ridge structure, printing a rolled set of prints may only take a minute; completing the flat prints will take about20 seconds. At IPP we allow ‘Mulligans’ for a botched print or two. It’s a simple process of blanking over the mistake and simply reprinting the digit. (Good news, everyone... no extra charge for the eleventh or twelfth print.)

Even allowing for a few questions, clients are usually finished and on their way within 10 to 15 minutes.

The Digital Submission

digitally scanned ink and roll fingerprintsAt IPP – home to Digital Digits – any fingerprints submitted to the RCMP as of 1 July, 2014, must be in a digital (electronic) format. Digital Digits (DD) gets that done via our approved CardScan system. The process may take from 4 to 6 minutes depending on the submission (photo, 3rd Party Waiver) and is done after the client has ‘left the building’. Thus, the client saves time.

LiveScan is a scanner system that transcribes ink and paper prints to a digital file that is then sent to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) via computer using a VPN approved by the RCMP. The CardScan system is less costly to set up than LiveScan and that translates into dollar savings for our clients. The RCMP handle the digitized fingerprints the same as any other digital submission and the double saving of money and time means Digital Digit clients are always in a win-win situation.

Ink to Digital Conversion Candidates

global international fingerprinting solutionsApplicants who wish to obtain a criminal certificate but live in remote areas of Canada or are currently living outside of Canada and are therefore unable to submit electronic fingerprints to the RCMP, should use our Global (Int’l) Canadian Fingerprinting Solutions program. Once ink prints are scanned and instantly submitted to the RCMP, the current turnaround times for No Criminal Record is: 3 to 10 days; with a Criminal Record: 9 weeks or more, and for a Pardoned Criminal Record: 2 to 4 weeks. Note: local mail and/or courier delivery times are in addition to the stated current turnaround times.

At Impact Pardons Plus – home to Digital Digits – we do our job right so your prints are all over it.

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