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Registered and Certified agent for performing global international fingerprinting

Fingerprint I.D.

Registered and Certified agent for obtaining digital or ink and roll fingerprints

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Professional Assistance with legal documents such as US Waivers Record Suspensions and Background Checks

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Professional Assistance with attaining legal identification photos such as Passport Immigration and Citizenship Photos

Do you require Digital Fingerprints?

In this day and age it seems everything has gone digital: cars, newspapers, communications, television - even fingerprinting services.

At Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) – Home to Digital Digits – we too, have gone the digital route when it comes to sending fingerprints to the RCMP. However, when we take prints, we utilize the tried and true method of ink on fingers and rolled to paper (ink and roll) while using the very latest in ceramic ink.

print2This combined method is most advantageous as there are many instances in which a paper copy is the only way you can send your fingerprint information to international agencies. In any week at IPP, it is not uncommon for our clients to require fingerprints be sent to Mexico, Iran, Hong Kong, United States or other foreign agencies (sometimes through their embassy in Ottawa) and the acceptable method is still ink and roll prints captured on a paper form then mailed or couriered to the foreign agency.

Our clients require fingerprints for many reasons. They may need fingerprints for visa applications, or in the process of immigrating to Canada. Their fingerprints may have to be sent to a police agency of any country they have lived in for 6 months or more since the age of 18. Other reasons IPP will take fingerprints include adoption, various licence applications, name change, privacy act requests, employment, volunteer job placements, record suspension or US waiver applications.

ink and roll fingerprintsThe PrintMatic Impeccable Ceramic Fingerprint Pad ensures the finger - or digit - is not over-inked. Once printed, there is very little ink left on the finger and this makes cleanup simple and easy.

Once printed, the client simply pays for the service and goes on their way. Having printed thousands of people since 1999, ink and roll prints are fast and economical using ceramic ink to minimize mess and electronics to send fingerprints to the RCMP.

Contact Impact Pardons – Home to Digital Digits – when you need fingerprints. IPP is approved and accredited by the RCMP to take and send fingerprints for any non-criminal reason.

Should you require further information, contact Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits

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We cover many forms of identification: fingerprinting, background checks, passport photos and affidavits. There are so many solutions for you under one phone number.

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