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Registered and Certified agent for performing global international fingerprinting

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Registered and Certified agent for obtaining digital or ink and roll fingerprints

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Professional Assistance with legal documents such as US Waivers Record Suspensions and Background Checks

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Professional Assistance with attaining legal identification photos such as Passport Immigration and Citizenship Photos

Do you require Digital Fingerprints?

global international fingerprint services for canadians abroadImpact Pardons Plus (IPP) - approved and accredited by the RCMP to capture and submit digital fingerprints for Criminal Record verifications – utilizes CardScan to transcribe fingerprints from ink and roll to digital form for any non-criminal purpose.

If you are currently living or working outside Canada or reside in a remote area of Canada and require your fingerprints be submitted to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), IPP can help. As of July, 2014, the RCMP no longer accepts paper-based fingerprints for processing. Since Jul 2014, the RCMP only accepts digital fingerprints for processing. However, sending a digital submission of your fingerprints to the RCMP from outside Canadian borders is not available. You could try flying or driving back to Canada to get digitally fingerprinted, but IPP has a better solution.

Get a Global Canadian Fingerprinting Kit from IPP

Complete the Initial Information Form and submit. Call 844.433.4448 (844 ID DIGIT) or email us if you have further questions.

global international fingerprinting services in Canada for RCMPHow it Works

After you receive the kit, follow the Guidelines and Instructions included with the Global (International) Canadian Fingerprinting Kit… Note:** ...scan and send the completed required documents for perusal by IPP before the original documents are mailed or couriered. This way, IPP can check the scanned package for any errors or omissions as well as asses the clarity of the documents. When all is cleared as correct and usable, IPP will send an email requesting you to mail or courier the original documents to our office in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Converting to Digital Prints

IPP will CardScan your ink and roll paper prints to digital form and send them via secure VPN to the RCMP for processing. The RCMP will mail the results of the certified criminal fingerprint check to you or to the return address you authorized in the 3rd Party Consent form. Straight, clean and simple; you save time and you save money.

Follow the Guidelines and Instructions included with the Global (Int'l) Canadian Fingerprinting Kit we send you and IPP will have you on the road to a better tomorrow, today. Fill out the Initial Information and the Kit with further instructions will be mailed to you.

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digital rcmp fingerprinting services for Canadians abroad

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Give a gift to a loved one that keeps giving. Since 1970, 400,000+ Canadians have received pardons; 96% of which are still valid.

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