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Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) – Home to Digital Digits – has been taking Immigration Photos for Kingston’s Immigration Community ever since we opened our doors in 2012. Adding photos to our fingerprint service quickly became known as ‘Pictures and Prints: a one stop ID shop’. Our goal is to offer a fast, all-in-one service at a fair price. Right away IPP was able to take ink and roll fingerprints, send the fingerprints electronically (digitally) to the RCMP and also offer up to 8 photos for immigration requirements for the best price between Toronto and Montreal. The Kingston Immigration Community supported IPP and we will continue to support our Immigration Community with quality, prompt service when you need it and at a price that is both economical and affordable. (Check our Hours of Operation)

Before any photos are taken the first question IPP must ask is, “What type of Immigration Photos are required?” The photo requirements for Medical document photographs and Visa photos are the same; Permanent Residence photos are slightly different. There are many different photo requirements covered under Canadian Immigration Photos. Let’s take a look at a common request IPP gets for Immigration photos.

immigration legal photo guidelines specifications measurementsFor instance, the two photos required for Permanent Residence Cards must measure 35mm x 45mm, been taken in the last 6 months, be on proper quality photographic paper and the head must be between 25mm and 30mm from chin to crown. The eyes must be clearly visible, cosmetic accessories are permitted but not as a disguise, the background should be white or white-coloured, uniform lighting (no shadows on the face) and no flash reflections from eye glasses. (The solution IPP uses to prevent eye glass glare is genius). The subject must have a neutral expression looking straight into the camera, mouth closed and no smiling.

The back of one of the two photos will have the name and address of the photo studio, the date the photo was taken as well as the name and date of birth of the subject. The other photo should be blank on the back.

immigration legal photo face proportion guideline measurementsVisa (requirement: 2 photos) and Medical (requirement: 4 photos) are different in that the head size must be between 31mm and 36mm. This is larger than the Permanent Residence requirement and it does change the look of the photo such that a Permanent Residence Card photo will not suffice for a Canadian Visa or Medical photo.

However, don’t worry about that. IPP will look after those details. You just bring your best neutral look and your fingers to 556 O’Connor Drive, Kingston, Ontario and Impact Pardons – Home to Digital Digits – will get your ‘pictures and prints’ sorted out which will put you on the road to a better tomorrow, today.

Should you require further information, contact Impact Pardons Plus - Home to Digital Digits

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